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  1. What Jesus Really Said About the End of the World
  2. Ronald Gray: What Jesus really said | World news | The Guardian
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  4. What does Jesus really say about marriage and divorce?
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The contextual analysis that Theoharis employs also shows that during the dinner at which Jesus utters these words not the Last Supper , an unnamed woman anoints him with expensive oil. It was at that point in the Bible that Jesus was anointed the Christ, the Messiah. There is no other place in the Bible where these words are used.

What Jesus Really Said About the End of the World

This emphasizes the centrality of the Matthew scripture. In this central chapter, which is really the core of the book, she outlines the entire process of contextual Bible study. She explains that the Bible study is not only a lesson in the interpretation of scripture, but also an organizing tool, educating and empowering the participants to follow Jesus by working to end poverty. The poor read the Bible themselves and interpret the scriptures.

Ronald Gray: What Jesus really said | World news | The Guardian

The students, called Poverty Scholars, wound up identifying with the disciples and the challenges they faced. But more than this, the Poverty Scholars shaped the methodological and contextual aspects of the study of the Bible. Theoharis outlines their contributions in identifying what poverty means, who the poor are, and in connecting the scriptures from Matthew and Deuteronomy.

They present a searching consideration of the unnamed woman who anoints Jesus at this dinner, feasting in the house of the poor, as described in Matthew, and of the setting in which the dinner takes place.

The Roman Empire, ruled by Caesar, had myriad clients, one of which was Herod, who ruled over Galilee and surrounding areas, oppressing and exploiting the people. Herod was, of course, beholden to Caesar. The parallels with current-day empire, wealth and oppression — and the creation and perpetuation of poverty — are clear. She points out that while the poor make history, it is the rulers — the rich and powerful — who write history.

Only Jesus Words Disc 1 The first disc in a series by Gary Sosbee

This is why it is so important that the poor themselves read, study and interpret the scriptures for themselves. The book draws on the teachings of Dr.

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Martin Luther King as well. Theoharis begins a chapter with a quote from Dr. Please consider verifying with the store that the product actually is in stock. Jesus talked a lot about money.

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He knew that how we think about and choose to use our finances plays a significant role in forming our character. Our handling of money can make us more like him--full of contentment, purpose, and freedom--or it can cause a tragic separation from God and the joy he offers.

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In True Riches, John Cortines and Gregory Baumer invite us to explore the words of Jesus and experience the four transformations we must make in our financial journey with Christ: moving from pride to gratitude, coveting to contentment, anxiety to generosity, and indifference to love. Full of scripture, personal stories, and practical application, True Riches offers a simple path away from the empty pursuit of wealth and into deeper relationship with God and a purpose-filled life of generosity.

What does Jesus really say about marriage and divorce?

About the Authors. John Cortines serves as Chief Operating Officer at Generous Giving, a Christian nonprofit that seeks to spread the biblical message of generosity. Gregory Baumer is chief growth officer for naviHealth, Inc.