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  2. 'Anti-Energy' Soda Drinks to Help You Sleep Hit U.S. Stores

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But Hansen says that many people turn to sleep coaches after exhausting the usual methods, such as prescription sleep medications. Her client Jessica — an educator from Tennessee who declined to give her last name for professional reasons — says she tried giving up caffeine and sugar, establishing a nighttime routine and hiring a therapist to help her manage her anxiety, but she was still only sleeping about five hours a night. Hansen, who emphasizes nutrition, often has new clients cut out sugar, gluten, lactose and alcohol in the belief that they can trigger inflammation, stress out the body and impact sleep.

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While Hansen emphasizes dietary issues, sleep coach Ronee Welch focuses more on lifestyle: Welch, the owner of Sleeptastic Solutions, is certified in insomnia-specific cognitive behavioral therapy, meaning she aims to change the bad habits of her clients, such as looking at their phones before bed and having an inconsistent sleep schedule.

April Gabriel-Ferretti, a Pennsylvania-based psychotherapist, says turning to Welch was a game-changer.

Her inability to fall asleep at night had her struggling not to yawn during therapy with patients. As part of their weekly hourlong sessions, the pair practiced relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises and making to-do lists. She says that having a sleep coach monitor her bedtime and hold her accountable was the key to her success.

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  4. Eating & Drinking Before Bed—Do or Don’t?;
  5. This story has been shared 14, times. This story has been shared 13, times. There appears to be a connection between getting too little sleep and drinking more caffeinated sugary drinks, but the direction of the association is not understood. Researchers found that people who sleep 5 or fewer hours during the night also tend to drink more caffeinated sodas or energy drinks containing sugar than people who sleep more than 5 hours, according to a study appearing online in Sleep Health.

    'Anti-Energy' Soda Drinks to Help You Sleep Hit U.S. Stores

    It is not clear if drinking caffeinated, sugar-sweetened beverages causes people to sleep less or if it is the opposite, that sleep deprivation causes people to give in to cravings for the sugary drinks. But Aric A. Prather, PhD , of the University of California San Francisco, and colleagues noted that the findings suggest some connection between the intake of sugar-sweetened beverages and poor sleep. Forget energy soda drinks designed to pep you up — a new batch of relaxation tonics intended to help you sleep are now available on the U.

    The non-alcoholic drinks, with names like iChill, RelaxZen and Dream Water, have been dubbed "anti-Red Bulls" and are now are appearing on store shelves throughout the country. The drinks are marketed to teens trying to wind down or adults who have trouble falling asleep.

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