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I went to the aisle i wanted… i found a barbie and started down the aisle to my mother as i turn around to get another outfit for my barbie.. NO ONE was in the aisle and it was too quick for anyone to run get all of them and put them on top of eachother and then run off. I was too young to think anything of it… again!!.. I was content. My dad used to pal around with most of the Bay Area Parapsychology folk and Sylvia Brown and almost went on the over-night where the famous photo came from. He did visit around 1 am one night, a friend of his being a night watchman.

What he saw was not a man, but a black fog-like mass which moved about the board game aisle. This would have been in early The left side where you walk in is shipping and recieving where my girlfriend worked at the time and the back of the store is the biggest stock area where most of the weird stuff happens. On one of my first nights working I was being trained by another employee and we were going through all the boxes on the second floor of the stock room in the back of the store. He informed me that we should take an early break heh so, we pulled out one of the large boxes stacked up on other boxes, shifted it to the center of the floor and sat on a box between other boxes to sort of relax and hide from any possible managers.

While we were sitting there we started to hear very heavy footsteps heading our way so we peeped over the top of one of the boxes towards where the footsteps were coming from and we were completely alone in the entire upstairs back area. However, one night we got finished very early and my current girlfriend at the time had finished up with one of the managers and they were the last two to close the store. They both incidentally had to be back there in another 6 hours so they rushed home to bed and then back to work.

Upon opening the store together, they had found a monopoly board all set out as if someone was preparing to play it. Monopoly is a very old game btw. Just weird stuff that could have an explanation. Alot of the stories I read on this website seemed a bit extreme. I actually had a few frightening experiences when I was there. But nothing major. For example I was the money counter stuck early in the morning in a little room with only one window, so many times I saw someone out of the corner of my eyes watching me.

But when I would turn to look no one was there.

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Yeah it could have been sleep deprivation. The store has now been remodeled but back in the day there was alot of activity on aisle 15C that would be where the fisher price items were.

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People said they felt the cold chill I also did. Other associates said they could hear him on the roof like he was walking back and forth kicking the stones , also the toys playing music by themselves and toys falling off the shelves. I personally never heard him. Never really saw him full on. We really did not talk about it at work unless it was mentioned on t. Maybe that is why I did not have alot of encounters. Let me just say when the power woul go out and it usually would at least two times a year I would be the first one out the front door.

He never hurt me and now when I go to that store I feel very at ease not frightened. I know I am very contradicting in this very long story. I am sorry I guess I do believe! A camera had been set up quite possibly by a non-believer , from which they showed a still photo of the ghost, but on the stairs, not toppling a rubber ball.

The final years of Nokia’s mobile phones

However, keep in mind that I was six years old at the time, in first grade I can vouch this because I remember the classmate to whom I spoke to the following day, which we only shared the same classroom in this grade way back in I use to live in Sunnyvale for eight years. I believe that it is haunted. There is a presence in some of the back aisles. He still has the scar. The rest of the store fine, but those back aisles, man are they scary! I work for an electric utility here in Ca. We also had both seen one of the shows that featured the stories on T.

This show had shown a picture of the spirit as he was when he was alive. Now to the story. This gentleman that I worked with told me that years ago he was dispatched to do some work on a meter panel that was on the property where the Toys r us is built. Apparently at one time it was a big farm or something. As he drove on the property behind the toy store he was looking for the panel to work on. After driving awhile with no luck finding the panel he came upon a gentleman who was sitting. He asked him if he could direct him to the panel.

The gentleman just pointed and said nothing. After completing his work he drove back by where the gentleman was sittiing but no one was there.

Sometiime later he watched the program on T. I am a 15 year old boy from Maryland. A few years ago, I saw a program on T. Well, recently I visited the store with my aunt and uncle who live in the San Francisco.

Student Books Capture Feelings About 9/11

I spoke to one of the employees outside the store before I entered. She told me of some occurances that have taken place inside. She said that the majority of the incedences have occured on the left side of the store. So I went down the hallway near the bathroom and nervoisly peeked my head in the door. After about 10 seconds, I slowly started to shut the door. I proceeded to run out of that hallway and into the main part of the store.

My aunt went back into the mens bathroom later on but did not hear anything. Montgomery worldnet. I just read the story on the haunting of the toy store in Ca. I just read the entry about the Toys R Us ghost on this site. I knew it sounded familiar and since I have a rather large collection of ghost story books, both true and fiction, I did a little checking. Sure enough I found it. According to the book, a combination of both versions from this site is what it would take to match the books version. Just thought you would like to know.

The ghost is the only explanation as to why this happened. From: Brahndy Brahndy aol. I was reading your website with regard to the Toys R Us in California being haunted and it triggered a very familiar memorie for me. I was about 9 yrs old, which would have been around or and I remember watching a news report about the store, In reading another letter you had from someone, they made reference to a video camera. In the news report that I had seen it showed live footage of the store after it was closed, and also some footage of it opening the next morning.

I remember toys falling off the shelves and talking dolls and thing moving around in mid air. Or ask if someone else remembers this news broadcast. I was just there last week. The supposedly haunted aisle is the aisle with all the boardgames and some random electronics. We went there to get our Gameboy. I never think of that store as a haunted place, just as the site of many childhood memories of my initiation into the world of consumership and capitalism.

What was Mountain View like in the '70s

I have tons of stuff from that store, including our now fuzzy Gameboy. Hi, I was just writing to tell you that I saw a story about that ghost on Unsolved Mysteries. It stuck in my head because the man died while chopping wood and hit his leg with the ax and bled to death. Also the name of that girl Elizabeth was on there, because he was in love with her or something. Anyways, on the show it said that he was haunting a toystore so, that also stuck in my mind. I truly am not a person who would ever believe anyone if they ever said they believed in ghosts.

So it seemed like a lot of folkstories when it comes to hauntings and ghosts and stuff. Till It happened to me…. Almost 8 years ago I had just moved to Sunnyvale Ca. I had never been to a toys r us in my life so I was excited when i learned we had one just down the street. So my husband and I and my 6month old decided to go. I remember it was late. After 9pm. I was amazed that they stayed open so late.

Roswell's Bizarre UFO Crash

We were in the last aisle close to the end of the store, when my husband went on to look at something else in another aisle. I stayed behind. Well I jumped back and excused myself and apologized outloud to the person. To my amazement there was no one there. I was in the middle of the aisle. So I looked up and down. There was no way he could have just disappeared?