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Only if everyone does their part and all parts of a comprehensive strategy are fulfilled will the situation improve.

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The continuous, full implementation of the EU—Turkey Statement is key for the situation on the islands to improve. Again, let me repeat that continuous support and timely delivery from all partners — the national authorities, the Commission, EU agencies, the UNHCR, the IOM and other implementing partners on the ground — is essential. It is equally key that the Greek authorities continue to invest in swift asylum and return procedures, which contribute to further improving the situation on the islands.

Furthermore, all 21 long—term Commission—funded reception centres in mainland Greece are winterised, with the Greek Government having undertaken to close substandard temporary reception centres before the end of the year.

Mister Dämlich (Mr. Men und Little Miss) (German Edition)

I would like to emphasise that our clear objective is to ensure that most people on the mainland are living in rental accommodation. The Commission is also ready to fund additional places should such needs be confirmed. But our joint efforts on this matter are not just about Greece. We, as Europe, as a continent, have to remain prepared.

Buchner, Lisa

We are closely following the situation in all Member States, in particular the front-line Member States, including Italy and Bulgaria, where there seem to be no imminent challenges concerning refugees and migrants for the winter. The preparation of the authorities and funds we have provided since last year have yielded clear results.

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For example, in Bulgaria, the International Organisation for Migration has implemented an action for the purchase and distribution of winter clothing kits and shoes to migrants in all reception centres in Bulgaria. According to information from Bulgaria, these kits have already been available since October. Any emerging winterisation needs could then be supported in this framework.

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The European Union has been using all possible tools to help cope with the refugee crisis in both countries and is providing significant financial and technical support. Last winter, the Western Balkans faced considerable difficulties due to cold weather and heavy snowfall, especially in Serbia. We all recall the images from last year. Expanding reception capacities and ensuring that existing centres are adequate for the upcoming winter has been one of our priorities, and we are working closely with the Serbian authorities to this end. It includes a EUR 16 million direct grant for Serbia also covering costs related to the running of centres, including staff and utilities, education and health care.

Signing off on this by the end of this year is a priority.

PDF Mister Dämlich (Mr. Men und Little Miss) (German Edition)

Until then, humanitarian aid has allowed us to support the provision of food and non-food items, as well as protection to refugees and migrants in formal education and transport to schools. Negotiations to allow for such deployment are ongoing both with Serbia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. We will consider additional funds as needs arise. More generally, the European Union is looking into providing additional support based on the needs agreed with our partner countries.

We are all sensitive to this issue. It is, above all, a matter of our humanitarian duty. I look forward to hearing your views. Ljudje so tam dejansko ujeti. Ljudi z otokov je treba nemudoma preseliti na celino.

Commissioner, I much agree with you and I am grateful to the Commission for the work it has been doing in this area. I would also like to extend my gratitude and my respect to the people on the Greek islands who have shown immense responsibility and humanity in meeting the refugee crisis, and I think others should take an example from that.

Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said we cannot have a repetition of last year, and yet we seem to be having that repetition.

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The point is here: we do not have a technical, practical problem; it is not that people are stuck on the islands because there no boats and planes. It is the direct result of political decisions taken by the national governments. I cannot hold the Estonian Presidency responsible for all the Member States, but it is an absolute disgrace that on the richest continent in the world, we are worried about whether people are going to make it through winter.

I cannot remember the exact figures, you mentioned all sorts of figures, but we are talking about tens of thousands of people. It is an absolute disgrace! All the talks about deals with unsavoury regimes — that is just escapism, distracting from what should really be done. There has been a very decent proposal by the Commission sitting on the desk of the Council for a year and a half. Parliament has done its homework.

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Yes, we represent different political views in this House too, it is difficult. But you know what? In the treaties, there is no longer the unanimity rule. If the Council is pretending that it can only decide when there is unanimity, it is actually violating the treaties. I suggest that the Council gets on with it and that we get this asylum and migration policy up and running as soon as possible, and make sure that the most civilised and prosperous continent in the world is actually going to give civilised and dignified shelter to people in need. Ich gebe meiner Kollegin recht. Wir wissen auch, dass ein Teil dessen, wozu man sich verpflichtet hat, letztendlich gar nicht umgesetzt werden konnte.

Bei den Verpflichtungen, die auf dem Festland eingegangen worden sind, hapert es ebenfalls. Es gibt einen Vorschlag, beispielsweise Hotelzimmer anzumieten. Denn die Wohnungen werden nicht so schnell kommen. Das geht nicht! Also: Neben dem, was schon gemacht worden ist, muss mehr gemacht werden. Ich habe gestern im deutschen Fernsehen einen kurzen Bericht gesehen.

Inzwischen habe ich festgestellt: Die waren im Hungerstreik — Gott sei Dank haben sie ihn jetzt beendet —, weil sie nach Deutschland sollen und von Deutschland nicht aufgenommen werden. Das deutsche Fernsehen sagt das aber nicht. Es geht um Menschenleben. Hier stehen wir alle gemeinsam in der Verantwortung. Dit gaat niet over de vraag of er genoeg bedden of dekens zijn.

Dit gaat over iets anders. De Griekse regering laat vluchtelingen op die eilanden omdat ze bang is voor een aanzuigende werking. Er zijn genoeg opvangplekken op het vasteland. De Turkse regering zegt: in het kader van de Turkije-deal nemen wij alleen maar mensen terug die op de Griekse eilanden zijn, niet die op het vasteland. De andere lidstaten denken: dat is eigenlijk wel handig zo want dan hoeven wij niet zoveel mensen te hervestigen.

Haal die mensen naar het vasteland en breng ze dan onder bij andere lidstaten. Maar dat gebeurt niet. En wat is het eigenlijke Europese beleid? Het eigenlijke Europese beleid voor deze winter is hopen op een warme kerst. Mevrouw Zimmer en mevrouw In 't Veld hebben gelijk, maar de politieke vraagt erachter moet worden gesteld. We kunnen de Turkije-deal niet zo houden als hij nu is.

We kunnen inderdaad niet met andere landen dit soort deals blijven sluiten.