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But even after wanting to see her get a good kick up the backside you'll find yourself warming to her. The main villain of the story, Skagg, is another extremely well drawn character, one you'll be soon urging Fargo to deal with. And what of the mystery element of the plot? That had me guessing, just what was it the Indians knew about that lead to so much brutality and death? David Robbins masterfully weaves all these threads together in a gripping tale that is hard to put down, springing some horrific and savage surprises along the way, before everything comes to a violent conclusion.

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Wednesday, 22 October Bullet Creek. A Ralph Compton Novel. Navarro, a retired gunslinger, works as a holster at the Bar-V Ranch. He enjoys working for Paul Vannorsdell, but has plans of moving North with the women he loves to open a new ranch and create a new life. Vannorsdell has big dreams too. He wants to buy the Rancho de Cava from an old friend, Don Francisco. Everything seems to being going to plan until Don Francisco is found dead by Bullet Creek.

Free download Leadtown (The Gunsmith Book 6) Book - wvcmax

Vannorsdell is suspect number one and soon a war erupts and Navarro finds himself in the middle of a torrent of lead All through the book Peter Brandvold carefully gives clues as to who killed Don Francisco, only thing is he masterfully points the finger towards a number of different people which makes the book difficult to put down until the truth is revealed. So a book that reads like a murder mystery yet never looses touch with the fact that it is foremost a western.

A book filled with strong characters of both sexes on both sides of the range war. People struggling to survive the violent situation they find themselves in and unmask a killer. Tuesday, 21 October Dakota Lawman 3. The third, and probably last, book in the Dakota Lawman series, as Harper seem to have stopped publishing westerns. Jake Horn is still hiding behind the badge of lawman in the Dakota town of Sweet Sorrow and his discovery of a dead ranch hand is soon bringing his demons home.

Jake recognizes a murder when he sees one but asking too many questions of the wrong people is asking for trouble, and suddenly expert killers are gathering with their sights on the lawman.

Just what, exactly, is Judge a Book by its Cover?

As the big gundown approaches Jake finds there's nowhere to hide when five shooters blinded by hate won't leave Sweet Sorrow until he's dead. Unlike the previous two books in this series, Bill Brooks gives some of his characters hope, gives them something to live for — even if this could soon be taken away with a bullet. Most of the people from the earlier books have a part to play in this story of brutality and savage death.

The killing at the beginning being particularly horrific and will have the reader hoping the perpetrators will meet an equally savage end. Bill Brooks also includes other adult themes such as homosexuals in both sexes. In fact the female lovers have a major role to play in the life of a gunman hunting Horn for a long ago killing he didn't commit.

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Like his other books Brooks spends quite a bit of time introducing us to new characters and explaining their backgrounds, how they came to be the kind of person they are, which at times I felt held up the main flow of the story. The book — indeed the trilogy of books — comes to a satisfactory ending here, and once more I'd recommend this series to readers who like the more brutal — in theme and action - type of western.

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Monday, 20 October The Derby Man 3. Darby Buckingham, the portly New York writer, had an appetite for local colour to add punch to his newest dime novel. Three renegades hungry for justice rode out with him: a trigger-quick kid with a score to settle, an old trail hand, and a beautiful girl with revenge in her heart and a Colt six-gun on her shapely hip. Even more than in the previous two books, Gary McCarthy, puts Darby Buckingham into a situation that has him totally out of his depths.

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This gives the author the opportunity to add some fascinating information about catching wild mustangs — and according to the notes at the end, most are based on fact. Like the other Derby Man books, this one is filled with exciting action and many humorous moments, sometimes both elements combined in one scene: such as trying to catch a mustang from a tree! Gary McCarthy paces the book beautifully, his descriptions of landscape and action being extremely visual at times. His characters are memorable — both good and bad — and all the plot threads are tied up neatly at the end.

Posted by Steve M at 3 comments:. Sunday, 19 October The Outlaw and the Lady. Tod Larraby was a deadly shot, an ex-Confederate guerrilla with a reputation to match. But when he was tricked into shooting a crooked gambler in a Colorado mining town, a dubious price was set for his freedom. But would Tod be able to complete his task and win his liberty faced as he was with death and deception?

Series: The Gunsmith

The book moves quickly from beginning to end, and has many action packed scenes. For once we have a Black Horse Western with a cover that almost matches a scene within the story. Friday, 17 October Gunslinger 2. John Ryker was a gunsmith. One of the best in the West. But now circumstances had forced him to become a bounty hunter too. And his gun-skill made him the most lethal one-man slaughter-force around.

How he does this is all explained in fascinating detail. All the killing described in gory detail as only Angus Wells can. Charles C. Garrett is a pseudonym shared by Wells and Laurence James. Like most of the books to come form the group of writers known as the Piccadilly Cowboys, there are plenty of references to their other series heroes.

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Labels: Angus Wells , Charles C. Wednesday, 15 October Longarm An Indian war party is ready to massacre a group of miners, blaming them for the murder of their clan sister. The miners say they only found the body — and they may be telling the truth. Facing such a fearsome fate, the miners — and the murderer — may take flight.

But he has very few clues — and about two hundred suspects. Tabor Evans provides an entertaining read laced with humorous dialogue. Not as much gun action as expected but the story still races along as time begins to run out for Longarm.

And just when you think the case is solved, Tabor Evans slips in a twist to the tale. Maybe not the most action packed Longarm book you could read but still a worthy entry into the series. Labels: Longarm , Tabor Evans. Tuesday, 14 October Manhunt. Living as a wanted man has been mighty tough for Clay Cole. But circumstances means the law has something far more dangerous than a trial in mind for Cole. The Rainmaker will now do anything to rescue his friend The tough writing style of this episode in the life of Clay Cole presents the reader with savage outlaws and brutal treatment of their victims, that, perhaps, makes this the most violent work to come from Tim McGuire yet.

Cole also finds himself with an unwanted companion, that of wanna-be writer Richard Johnson. Sunday, 12 October Morgan Kane Kane was a U. Marshal again. Old friends at Fort Leavenworth saw this was a new Kane: harsher, more ornery and brutal than before - and they gave him just one chance to prove himself Kane hardly knew where Nicaragua was — some damn fool country in central America, he figured — but that was where they were sending him.

And when he got there, he began to feel kinda easier in his mind: in that steamy country, he could smell death in the air…. Louis Masterson Kjell Hallbing really gives his hero a hard time in this book, has him struggling to survive in an environment alien to him, deep in the Nicaragua jungle, where he can trust no-one. Masterson is an expert at describing conditions, when Kane suffers in the heat then so does the reader.

This is a book that again underlines the strength of this series, a book that has me wanting to read more. Another in my series of occasional reviews of books that are not quite westerns but should appeal to western readers. As soon as you start reading this it becomes obvious Talmy has used the portrayal of Butch and Sundance as by Paul Newman and Robert Redford on which to base his characterizations of these two famous outlaws.

There are many moments of humour too and a great supporting cast of characters, both fictional and real. Sundance gets to teach poker to a group of men who include Conan Doyle and Winston Churchill. Meanwhile Butch is being interviewed for a newspaper by an author called H. Talmy writes well and soon had me caught up his fast moving story as Butch and Sundance find themselves, reluctantly, working for the British Government against the Germans and the threat of an inevitable war.

Everything builds up to an exciting train robbery, which reveals that not everyone is who they say they are. And all the time Butch and Sundance are trying to keep one step ahead of De Ford as his obsession with catching them, and having them deported, which could lead to the failure of the mission and worse, our heroes deaths.