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Peter is slight and soft-spoken.

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Peter argued that they deserved a chance to get off the streets. Clancy said they were there by choice. Drug overdoses in the alleys, stabbings in the street, hypothermia in the morning. But you know the one kind of death I never see? The room was silent. There is no emotional conflict here.

Search results for 'clancy lowered the boom by dennis day'

The people have given up. They just get by. The debate was brief. A lot of people have been looking a hell of a lot longer than you have. I admire men like Clancy Imislund who face life on its own hard, cold terms.

But I also admire guys like Barmus. Everybody makes promises to God. They make them in hospital beds, at war, in jail or walking down dark streets with footsteps behind them.

SoundHound - Clancy Lowered The Boom by Dennis Day

But damned few of those promises are carried out. Mulrooney said "Who drunk me drink? I'll lay him in his tomb! O'Houlihan delivered ice to Misses Clancy's flat. He'd always linger for a while, to talk of this and that.

Clancy Lowered the Boom

One day he kissed her just as Clancy walked into the room. Before you could say the time of day, Clancy lowered the boom!

The neighbors all turned out for Kate O'Grady's weddin' night. McDoogle said "Let's have some fun - I think I'll start a fight!

We need you!

Then quick as a wink, before you could think, Clancy lowered the boom! Current Rating Available on the following albums: Contact us if you know of an album that contains this song. Song Images:. Messages about the song: "Clancy Lowered The Boom". Enter a New Message Message:.

Clancy Lowered the Boom!

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View Cart. Song Details. Play Sample:. This song is not available for free download due to copyright or license restrictions. Release Date:. Lyrics By:. Music By:. Produced By:.

Released By:. Published By:. Day's real name was Owen Patrick McNulty, and he was one of the country's most popular Irish tenors of the s and '50s.